Operationalizing Business Architecture

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Many companies struggle with translating high-level boardroom and press-release phrases like “omnichannel customer experience”, “optimize global supply chain”, “bend the cost curve through efficiency and productivity”, and “shared services leverage” into clear and actionable business capabilities that can be supported by well-built technology solutions.

Business Architecture is the discipline that offers a common understanding of the organization and tees up how the business executes its capabilities. It relates business strategy to capabilities and ultimately to an architecture that influences the future vision of applications, information, and technology. As a result, the most important value proposition of Business Architecture is the ability to build a bridge between strategy and execution. This helps eliminate the ‘blind spot’ between business and IT while facilitating successful enterprise-wide change. An effective Business Architecture practice enables leaders to increase their competitiveness and speed to market, while improving their potential profitability.

Program overview

The Operationalizing Business Architecture training program helps organizations gain momentum for Business Architecture while building the discipline within the organization. Participants learn to “Zoom Out” to set context for their transformation and highlight the need to connect operational execution to strategy intent. The program illustrates the impacts of Business Architecture on the organization structure (including the role of Business Architects), funding/investment decisions, and sequencing for key transformation efforts. The Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework is leveraged as a backbone for the learnings, emphasizing the interconnectedness of Business and IT.

With consultation from coaches and class instruction, participants will develop/refine/enhance key artifacts providing their company with an actionable starting point for Business Architecture. Company-specific counseling creates additional context for positioning and selling the Business Architecture discipline to the broader organization.

This training program is designed for leaders who are responsible for the translation of business demand/strategy into technology delivery or are accountable for the partnership between business and IT.

To maximize the benefits of this program, we recommend that a company send a small team, of between two and six leaders, from across disciplines; an ideal team would include individuals from both Business and IT. Admission preference will be given to those organizations who register three or more participants. With shared language, context, and mental models, those teams will be better positioned to drive and sustain the Business Architecture foundation.

Participants who complete the program become part of the Feld Group Institute Alumni Community, an elite network and peer learning group which is supported by the Institute. Alumni receive monthly newsletters, take part in monthly events, and ongoing professional networking opportunities.

Program Structure

Course Objectives

This is a hands-on experience, taking advantage of live sessions via our virtual classroom and the ability to complete company-specific assignments between live sessions. Each company will be matched with a Feld Group Institute Affiliate Coach; that Coach will follow the team throughout the program, providing guidance at specified points pre, during, and post-class. Lectures, small group discussions, and activities encourage classroom engagement and foster collaboration among participants.

The five virtual sessions will take place from 7:30am – 1:00pm CT. Each day begins with a 30-minute Coffee Social, allowing you to kick off your day with Charlie Feld, the Affiliates, and fellow participants. To wrap up each day, there are company-specific huddles to plan for homework assignments and then breakout sessions to continue discussions and share experiences.

All company-specific coaching sessions will be scheduled with each team prior to the start of class to ensure the availability of all participants.