Operationalizing Business Architecture

What is Operationalizing Business Architecture?

Operationalizing Business Architecture is a program that deals with the complexity of changing business and IT landscapes in today’s largest companies. Business Architecture is a discipline that helps leaders to manage this complexity, overcome major business challenges, and align business and technology transformation at the foundational level.

What You'll Learn

In this specialized class participants will learn to:

  • Set context for their transformation and connect operational execution to strategic intent
  • Understand and use a flexible framework to successfully navigate change
  • Build a bridge between strategy and execution
  • Eliminate the “Blind Spot” between business and IT
  • Facilitate successful enterprise-wide change
  • Position your company for competitiveness and speed to market


Course Details

Operationalizing Business Architecture (BA)
  • Virtual Course: 5 half-day live sessions
Who Should Attend
  • Senior-level leaders responsible for the translation of business demand/strategy into technology delivery, or those accountable for the partnership between business and IT.
  • We recommend teams of between two and six leaders,from across business and IT disciplines attend together to learn a shared language, context, and mental models.
  • Learn a common language to discuss contemporary and complex issues that impact Business Architecture.
  • Learn how to leverage Business Architecture to determine the impact of key business decisions, optimize funding and resources, and maximize IT investments.
  • Gain an understanding of the Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework used to establish a crucial bridge between business and IT leadership.
  • Gain actionable takeaways with company-specific coaching directly linked to your business challenges.
  • Prepare leaders to be proactive stewards of Business Architecture.
  • Module 1
    • Introductions
    • Leadership at the Speed of Change
    • Future Vision Storyboards
  • Module 2
    • The Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework
    • Business Model
    • Capability Modeling
  • Module 3
    • Business Systems Model
    • Capability Architecture
    • Business Architecture Impacts on Enterprise Architecture
  • Module 4
    • Organization Model
    • Economic Model
  • Module 5
    • IT Operating Model
    • Pulling it All Together
    • Call To Action

Program Fee: $5,000

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Hear From Past Participants

Why Choose This Program?

Leaders develop an actionable starting point for Business Architecture, and those with existing practices advance in understanding and effectiveness.  Additionally, in this program participants receive company-specific, hands-on, coach-facilitated working sessions between classroom sessions to discuss strategy and approach, and start to build real foundational building blocks to create momentum.

Leaders choose to attend this program because:

  • Classes are conducted by leaders who have successfully operationalized  Business Architecture
  • Leaders develop, refine and enhance actual foundational building blocks for their own company
  • Leaders learn how to sell the vision to the broader organization
  • They receive team consultation and company specific coaching sessions
  • The program is selective and creates a unique peer learning community
  • Alumni Benefits

What Are Alumni Benefits?

Participants who complete the program become part of an elite alumni community network and peer learning group which is supported by The Feld Group Institute. Alumni receive monthly newsletters, take part in monthly events, gain an opportunity to amplify their accomplishments and receive ongoing professional networking opportunities.