Often dubbed as the First CIO in corporate America, Charlie Feld has led transformation efforts for Fortune 500 organizations such as Frito-Lay, Southwest Airlines, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and FedEx. With 50 years of hard work under his belt, Charlie Feld started the Feld Group Institute to inspire a holistic and human approach to IT leadership based of timeless principles and patterns. Feld Group’s insights, which can be adapted and applied to the ever-evolving IT profession, are only as useful as the leaders who know them, and that’s they pass knowledge down to enable future generations.

Many times, an IT professional may be quite knowledgeable about technology but falls just short of being an exceptional leader within their organization. Since technology is nothing without the leadership to see it through, Feld Group shares insights with organizational game changers that know tomorrow depends on IT and its ability to seamlessly integrate into their business both today, tomorrow and 20 years from now. At the Feld Group Institute, the team builds up and empowers leaders with timeless principles that allow them to lead into the future and know what will and won’t be ideal for their organization. Whether it’s the current CIO or an aspiring VP, the Feld Group Institute instill these leaders with core concepts that enable them to be an invaluable asset to their company.

Upcoming Classes

Technology Leadership Development – TLD7
Module 1: September 10 – September 14
Module 2: November 05 – November 09

The Feld Group Institute has created a unique program that supports global corporations in developing next-generation IT leaders. The Technology Leadership Development (TLD) program delivers an accelerated learning path, empowering leaders with a proven framework and the essential skills to position their company for long-term competitiveness and sustainable growth. Register your interest for our Technology Leadership Development class today.

Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture
October 22nd – October 24th

At the Feld Group Institute, we believe that it is time to reframe the conversation about enterprise architecture. Traditionally, the focus has been highly, and mostly or exclusively, technical. And that might have made sense in the past, when the pace of IT development was slower and things were simpler. But the rapid-fire pace of technology innovation and global adoption has transformed marketplace dynamics in many ways. That’s why we strongly believe that the dialogue about enterprise architecture must now also take place at the highest levels—including a strategic focus incorporating both business as well as technical architecture. Register your interest for our Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture class today.

The modernization of an organization’s legacy can no longer be ignored, the risks to site and system reliability and the risks to not being able to build for the future are too high. The only constant in business technology is that everything changes. A solution yesterday causes a problem tomorrow. That’s why the Feld Group Institute strives to educate and enable IT and business leaders to reset their thinking, so they are ahead of technology.

Author: Charlie Feld, Founder, The Feld Group Institute
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