Transformation. Leadership. Dialogue.

The Feld Group Institute provides leaders with three distinct frameworks; Leadership, Transformation, and Dialogue. Each of them have been proven successful over time, across industries, and in large, complex transformations. Each framework has a unique purpose and guiding principles, and a command of all three is required for success.


Successfully planning and leading a transformation requires understanding the key principles, elements, and dimensions for change.


Leadership is the single most important determining factor in creating, planning, and executing a transformation.


Establishing a simple, common dialogue among business and IT leadership is a critical element in transformation.


In order to lead a transformation, clients must understand the model and key principles involved. This framework details six models: Business, Business Systems, Technical Systems, Organization, Economic, and IT Operating.

Understanding the importance and nuances of each, and how they are interrelated, allows leaders to create, initiate and execute a successful technology-enabled business transformation.


Our perspectives on leadership have been formed by creating and implementing complex business transformations and working with some of the most respected leaders in history.

We’ve developed a durable leadership framework with three key leadership competencies: Set the Agenda, Build a Great Team and Deliver with Consistency.


This framework demystifies technology and establishes a common language and set of mental models among business and IT leadership. The framework stresses the importance of clearly articulating the Why, What, How, Who and When involved in the transformation.

By providing a simple way to discuss the complexities of the transformation, leaders will collaborate better and improve chances of success.