Open Enrollment Classes

Classes and Community to Empower Leaders

We offer leadership development classes and a peer community for seasoned leaders and those in line for these positions. These programs provide professional development with a focus on leadership and organizational transformation. Participants leverage our experience to gain a competitive advantage.

We empower participants with a working knowledge of fundamental principles, a flexible framework, and actionable strategies to put learning into practice. In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, our training programs provide a learning community of peers from diverse companies and industries. Leaders are challenged to grow in knowledge and practice. They complete the program with an increased level of confidence to lead teams through change.

Leaders who benefit from our programs:
  • Enterprise leaders seeking strategy creation, organizational alignment, and cohesive teamwork
  • Senior leaders focused on leadership development and succession planning
  • Leaders who desire to learn and network in an environment of one’s peers across industries
  • Individuals and teams looking to significantly increase their leadership capacity
  • Executives who want to learn about The Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework

Upcoming Programs

Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture




Coming Soon!

A class designed for enterprise-level IT and business architects to learn the required business context, organization, funding, and operating model necessary to drive architecture and legacy system modernization.

Operationalizing Business




Coming Soon!

The Operationalizing Business Architecture program helps organizations gain momentum for Business Architecture while building the discipline within the organization.

Transformation Leadership Development



May 10-26, 2022

For leaders focused on creating and sustaining transformation, this four-day program spotlights the Feld Group Institute’s Transformation Framework, our key principles, and shared language to use when planning and leading your journey.