Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture

What Is Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture?

Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a specialized class for senior-level leaders that delves into the changing nature of enterprise architecture required to support accelerated modernization and change. Leaders learn how to put in motion the required organization, funding and operating structures necessary to operationalize Enterprise Architecture design and principles.

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Course Details

Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • In-Person Course: 2.5 Days
  • Virtual Course: 5 half-day live sessions
Who Should Attend

This class is designed for Enterprise Architects, Leaders of Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio/Domain Architects and Business Architects.

  • Learn to reframe the dialogue about enterprise architecture
  • Convey that architecture outcomes are as critical as business outcomes
  • Connect the dots between enterprise architecture and business strategy
  • Operationalize enterprise architecture with the required people, funding, and processes
  • Understand and articulate implications, opportunities, and challenges for Enterprise Architecture that are created by the COVID-19 crisis
  • Module 1
    • Introductions
    • Leadership at the Speed of Change
    • The Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework
  • Module 2
    • The Practice of EA
    • Business Model
    • Business Systems Model
  • Module 3
    • Technical Systems Model
    • Organization Model
  • Module 4
    • Economic Model
    • IT Operating Model
  • Module 5
    • Pulling it All Together
    • Call To Action
    • Surviving and Thriving During a Crisis

Program Fee: $3,000

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What You'll Learn

  • The critical nature of architecture and why it matters
  • The evolution of patterns
  • To clarify and “sell” the value Enterprise Architecture
  • Three transformation outcomes: business, architecture, and productivity
  • Dimensions of enterprise architecture in context of the Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework.
  • Key principles through the use of real-world case studies
  • Leadership skills to drive transformation within your organization.

Why Choose This Program?

Leaders choose this program because:

  • Classes are conducted by practitioners-successful leaders of Enterprise Architecture
  • The curriculum is rooted in the time-tested Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework
  • Leaders receive company specific coaching sessions
  • This program is selective and creates a unique peer learning community.
  • Alumni Benefits

What Are Alumni Benefits?

Participants who complete the program become part of an elite alumni community network and peer learning group which is supported by The Feld Group Institute. Alumni receive monthly newsletters, take part in monthly events, gain an opportunity to amplify their accomplishments and receive ongoing professional networking opportunities.