Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture

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Architecture-driven enterprises must be agile, efficient, and forward-facing in response to the rapidly shifting marketplace. That’s why we strongly believe that the dialogue about enterprise architecture must take place at the highest levels—including a strategic focus incorporating both business as well as technical architecture. Never has this been more critical than today. Our founder, Charlie Feld, has captured his thoughts on the importance of architecture in his recent series “Thriving in Dynamic Times.”

Program Overview

Designed for enterprise architects, leaders of enterprise architecture, portfolio/domain architects and business architects, Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a specialized class that delves into the enterprise architecture required for business agility. As a key part of transformation in the modern era, companies must do more than prescribe and govern enterprise architecture. We must also build it and operationalize it.

The class begins with a discussion on why architecture matters, including the history of architecture and the evolution of patterns. Participants will learn about the importance of all three transformation outcomes: business, architecture, and productivity. We’ll spend time talking about the dimensions of enterprise architecture and putting these in context of the Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework. The discussion then shifts to the importance of “operationalizing” enterprise architecture, with a deep dive into the required organization, funding, and operating models. Real-world case studies will be used to highlight key principles. The course wraps up with the importance of leadership to drive change within the organization.

Program Structure

Course Objectives

This training program combines both self-paced learning and live, practitioner led modules (via virtual classroom). The required self-paced learning will focus on foundational elements that participants can complete on their own time. Live sessions will feature lectures, small group discussions, and activities to encourage virtual classroom engagement and foster collaboration among participants.

The five virtual sessions will take place from 7:30am – 1:00pm CT.  Each day begins with a 30-minute Coffee Social, allowing you to kick off your day with Charlie, the Affiliates, and fellow participants. To wrap up each day, there are breakout sessions to continue discussions and share experiences.