Transformation Leadership Development

What is Transformation Leadership Development?

Transformation Leadership Development (TLD) is a unique program we’ve created to assist senior-level business and IT leaders in gaining the critical skills, insights, and tools to lead successful digital transformation.

We share patterns and principles from having led transformation in many organizations across companies and industries., Leaders will learn to utilize the powerful Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework to position their company for long-term competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Whether you’re starting a new transformation journey, have inherited an existing effort, or are trying to get a transformation back on track, this class will provide you with the knowledge, skills and resources to meet your goals and allow you to join a community working on the same challenges.

Course Details

Transformation Leadership Development (TLD)
  • In-Person Course: 3 Days
  • Virtual Course: 6 half-day live sessions
Who Should Attend
  • Senior-level Business and IT leaders and those designated as high-potential.
  • Executives in large organizations experiencing significant business model shifts or those dealing with extensive technical debt.

  • Empower leaders with proven frameworks and essential skills to position their company for long-term competitiveness and sustainable growth.
  • Broaden understanding across business and functional perspectives.
  • Leverage the interlocking nature of the Transformation Framework.
  • Change the dialogue between business and IT.
  • Learn and share experiences with classmates, many of whom face the same challenges regardless of industry and size of company.
  • Module 1
      • Welcome and Introductions
      • Leadership at the Speed of Change
      • The Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework
  • Module 2
      • Business Model
      • Technology Model
  • Module 3
      • Changing the Dialogue
      • Setting & Selling the Agenda 
  • Module 4
      • Organization Model
      • Economic Model
  • Module 5
      • Operating Model
      • Pulling It All Together
  • Module 6
      • Why Leadership Matters

Program Fee: $5,000

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What Graduates Say About This Program

What You'll Learn

The curriculum draws on decades of work done in the trenches by transformational IT leaders. We share real-world leadership insights, operational experience and a time-tested strategic framework for enterprise level success. This advanced course provides tools and techniques you need to impact enterprise-wide change and close the gap between strategy and execution.

  • Develop a common language to allow business and IT leadership to discuss complex issues.
  • Create long term business strategies and plan for unexpected opportunities
  • Innovate at speed and scale
  • Communicate a vision across the enterprise
  • Orchestrate all the inter-related pieces of digital transformation

Why Choose This Program?

Executives choose this accelerated program because the curriculum is rooted in real-world, IT-enabled business transformations – not theory.

  • All classes are conducted by leaders who have succeeded at digital transformation in some of the most well-known global companies.
  • The accelerated pace of this class has been designed to fit the busiest schedules.
  • It positions you to make a broad impact, not only for your own organization but across the enterprise.
  • This program is selective and creates a unique peer learning community.
  • Alumni Benefits

What Are Alumni Benefits?

Participants who complete the program become part of an elite alumni community network and peer learning group which is supported by The Feld Group Institute after course work is concluded. Alumni receive monthly newsletters, take part in monthly events, gain an opportunity to amplify their accomplishments and receive ongoing professional networking opportunities,