About Us

Great leadership changes careers and transforms organizations.

About The Feld Group Institute

The Feld Group Institute was founded by Charlie Feld, to inspire a holistic approach to developing the next generation of leaders. It is our firm belief that great leadership can be learned – and has the power to change careers and transform organizations. Our mission is to help enterprise leaders to gain critical insights, adopt valuable guiding principles, and learn to recognize important patterns which will result in sustainable transformation.

Learning to integrate business and IT seamlessly through an enterprise is a complex undertaking. Our offerings enable leaders in today’s largest organizations to elevate their business and leadership skills, learn to leverage experience and opportunity, and avoid common missteps. The result is increased organizational agility, efficiency and improved business outcomes. Leaders we engage with are inspired to make a difference and are equipped with a framework for planning and leading transformation and renewed self-confidence and sense of purpose.

What Makes Us Different

Time Tested.  For over 50 years our team has successfully planned and led complex, technology-enabled business transformations of dozens of companies representing almost every industry.

Proven Effective Frameworks.  The Feld Group Institute Transformation, Leadership and Dialogue Frameworks provide an effective set of tools, insights and guiding principles, that have been used effectively to plan and lead those transformations.

We are deeply experienced practitioners.  Our team has spent their careers as CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and senior level corporate executive positions in highly competitive industries. We know what it takes to be successful because we’ve been in the seat.  We share real world lessons from these roles to elevate the knowledge and skill of the leaders we work with.

We focus on enterprise leaders.  We work with large organizations, often with complex legacy systems, to teach them how to effectively address the issues they’re facing head on, and allow them to successfully drive change.   

We establish personal relationships.  We don’t use an army of associates to manage engagements.  Our clients are our priority and work directly with highly experienced members of our team.