Leading Transformation

March 31 – April 3, 2020

Program overview

Leading Transformation (LT) is a four-day program designed to allow business and technology leaders to develop the advanced knowledge and skills required to create sustainable transformation within large, complex organizations. This accelerated program utilizes lectures, small group discussions and guided activities to encourage classroom engagement and foster collaboration among participants.

Leaders choose to attend this program to gain an in-depth understanding of The Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework, learn actionable leadership techniques, and discern insight from practicing CIOs, CTOs and deeply experienced experts. Graduates of this program become part of the Feld Group Institute Community.

Leaders know the importance of technology as a means to achieve growth, but often lack a framework and the larger strategic vision to drive the necessary transformation. During this program you will gain the insight and skills required to become a transformational leader and succeed in the modern digital era. An important element of our curriculum focuses on business and strategic agility, and the significance of three essential outcomes – business, architecture and productivity. 

Course Objectives
  • Understand the key principles of the Transformation Framework
  • “Zoom” to gain perspective and think more strategically
  • Align teams with shared context, mental models, and language to embrace the transformation
  • Jumpstart the transformation with a proven approach
Participants gain a working knowledge of key principles of the Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework to plan and lead business and IT transformations. Participants will be introduced to the transformation framework models; learn to set and sell a leadership agenda; translate objectives into outcome based performance goals; align teams within the organization; learn how to jump start sustainable transformation, and more.