To Meet A Variety of Client Needs

The Feld Group Institute helps clients plan and execute successful business transformations. We offer leadership development, strategic planning, advisory, and consulting services that allow our clients to plan, lead and execute successful transformations. We provide three different models of engagement to effectively meet the needs of clients and leadership teams.

Our clients work with us because of our unparalleled expertise, derived from decades of “sitting in the seat,” playing operational roles, and actively leading many complex business transformations. Our unique ability to translate that expertise and insight into leadership through learning provides clients with a significant competitive advantage. Clients gain knowledge from our experience, avoid the pitfalls, and take a more proven, effective, and efficient path forward. Clients choose from leadership development programs, advisory or consulting services, or a combination. We meet our clients’ needs at the various stages of their journey, based on their leadership team and company culture.

There is a pervasive need and mandate for technology-enabled transformations across most industries and for most companies. Our clients have come to us for a variety of reasons or situations and challenges they’ve faced – either a recognized need for help in an overall transformation or for any one of the following specific needs:

  • Establishing strategy to deal with an external threat or opportunity
  • Resolving business/IT blind spots and improving communication
  • Dealing with a change in leadership within the Business or IT organization
  • Developing business strategy for growth during M&A integration
  • Leading productivity and innovation improvements during budget cuts

Our Services


Classes and Community to Empower Leaders

We empower leaders at every level to thrive in today’s business climate with our classes and peer knowledge sharing community. Our educational programs help participants gain the ability to best recognize, understand, and address their business challenges and opportunities.


Goal-Driven Sessions for Team Alignment and Learning

Our workshops create a thoughtful dialogue among leaders on how to initiate and execute technology-enabled business transformation. These focused workshops are designed to help teams align on common language and mental models, define and solve problems, and formulate a game plan.


IT Strategy & Execution

Taking a more hands-on, partnership approach, we also offer IT strategy and execution support to help start business transformation as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We provide our expertise throughout the journey by working closely with clients, enabling them to learn along the way.