Partnering to Drive Change

The Feld Group Institute is a recognized leader in technology-enabled business transformation consulting. In select situations, we take a hands-on approach and partner with clients for more traditional consulting engagements. We utilize The Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework and key principles for planning, leading and executing a multi-year integrated strategy together.

Many of our clients leverage our expertise for the creation of complex, multi-year transformation plans. A need for consulting services may be precipitated by a significant event within the client’s organization: a shift in business strategy, a merger or acquisition or a change in organizational leadership. Or it may be the best next step following a workshop, as it becomes clear that accelerated change is needed. We also work with clients who have attended a leadership program and believe in The Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework, yet require assistance in driving change. Clients work with us to:

  • Develop the Strategy
  • Make the Turn
  • Sustain the Transformation Path and Momentum

Our Process


We believe there are game changers in every organization – special leaders in both business and IT – who have the vision and influence to start a transformation. In this phase, we identify, engage, and work with game changers to develop a strategy and set an agenda the rest of the organization can rally around.

As part of the Strategy phase, we work together to detail the Current State, create a compelling enterprise Future Vision, and develop a hypothesis for the sequencing of a Gap Closing Plan. We leverage The Feld Group Institute Transformation Framework to focus on the connections among the following:

  • Business Model
  • Business Systems Model
  • Technical Systems Model
  • Organization Model
  • Economic Model
  • IT Operating Model


We Make the Turn by repositioning the IT organization and making the strategic and organizational preparations necessary to execute. During this phase, we work together on a more detailed plan and begin to execute the new strategy. In most cases, we continue with traditional consulting engagement models. In select cases, we may take on a limited, interim operating role if there are key gaps in the organization that need to be filled temporarily. During engagements we focus on the following themes:

  • Aligning priorities and resources
  • Repositioning the organization
  • Forming effective governing structures
  • Creating a multi-year resource plan
  • Building out the new architecture
  • Implementing the new IT Operating Model


Our daily involvement begins to ramp down as client teams align on a multi-year strategic plan. We encourage full client ownership and autonomy, but continue to assist as needed. As our clients work to Sustain the Transformation, we conduct regular health checks, academy-style classes to socialize and teach the new way, and conduct course correction workshops. We supplement client engagements with calls and meetings to review progress, provide ongoing feedback, and maintain accountability for achieving agreed upon outcomes.