Goal-Driven Sessions for Team Alignment and Learning

Our team alignment workshops engage a company’s top leadership in robust and thoughtful discussions about how to create, initiate and execute a technology-enabled business transformation. The team learns a common language and framework to define and solve problems, and ultimately develop a game plan. Workshops typically last between one and three days and take place at our Arrowhead Ranch, just north of Dallas, or at a client’s office.

During our workshops, the team learns to bridge the gap between business and IT, work cooperatively to create a game plan, and improve communications across the organization. Clients request workshops to help:

  • Eliminate blind spots within or between organizations
  • Align a newly formed team on history, current state, and future vision
  • Conduct a level-setting session when a new leader is hired
  • Plan a new strategy to meet business, technical, and organizational goals
  • Solve a particular problem that’s critically important to the team

Our Process

Step 1


First, we engage leaders in a thoughtful discussion with our team about technology-enabled business transformation and creating a context for teamwork. We review guiding principles, establish a common language, and familiarize participants with our transformation framework.

Step 2


As a second step, we facilitate an in-depth, client-led discussion about the trends and challenges they face within their industry. We work together to articulate strategic objectives, current direction, and existing challenges.

Step 3


The final step in a workshop is focused on engaging with the client to build a game plan for moving forward. We detail how to create a change or transformation with The Feld Group Institute Framework.