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The Time Is NOW: An Executive Summary For Leaders

During the spring, as the coronavirus spread, changing modern life and work as most of us have known it, we were all required to mobilize and transform at a scale and pace not previously imagined.  Enterprises that were in the process of transforming before the pandemic have fared better during this disruption than those that had not.  One thing became clear early on – Digital and IT transformation had undergone a massive acceleration.  As I said in March of 2020, I believe this pandemic loaded us into a slingshot and landed us at least three to five years in the future – seemingly overnight.

As the pandemic began to unfold, we considered how we could best support and advise the leaders and companies in our community, and in the wider business community in general.  We began writing a series of blog posts using the framework – WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHO from the Blind Spot: A Leader’s Guide To IT-Enabled Business Transformation. These posts were created to share our insights, and to help business and IT leaders to gain alignment and lead together during this unprecedented time of crisis.  We began publishing in March, and I started receiving emails from business and IT leaders around the country that the posts were resonating with.  Many asked if they could share them with the rest of their executive teams.  This has continued, and I have found the spirit of cooperation, between and among organizations during this trying time, to be truly inspiring – a silver lining to the distress and uncertainty we all continue to face.

In order to make the information in the series simple to read and share among CEOs, CFOs, CHROs, as well as business and IT teams, we have created a condensed version of the series in this “Executive Summary” that can be easily downloaded on this page.  At a high level it is an overview of what organizations today must do to continue to survive and thrive during this time of accelerating Digital and IT transformation.

While the ultimate scale, duration, and long term physical and economic consequences are, as yet still an unknown, like other crises that have come before it, this one too will run its course. It will ultimately subside with the creation of some sense of a “new “or “next” normal and many lessons for all of us. We must lead through this disruption and be ready for the next.  Experience has shown me the best way forward is through.  The work is hard, but the results are worth it.

We would like to encourage you to share this Executive Summary with your network,  both internally and externally, via email and LinkedIn.  I would love to get your feedback and ideas to continue our dialogue and learning from each other. Please email me or , or click the “Feedback and Ideas” button below to let me know what you think.

Stay safe and stay well,

-Charlie Feld

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Russell Villemez

Affiliate, The Feld Group Institute

Head of Technology Strategy, Dialexa – a Feld Group Institute partner

Highly regarded CTO and change agent with IT strategy and enterprise architecture expertise.

Russell Villemez is an Affiliate with the Feld Group Institute and the head of Technology Strategy at Dialexa, a Technology Research, Design and Creation firm that works with organizations on initiatives such as Operational Transformation, Business Growth, and New Venture Creation.

During 17 years in operational roles and 15 years in consulting roles, Russell has worked across a variety of industries in both executive leadership positions and as a subject matter expert. Russell thrives on the scale and complexity of leading major change agendas in large corporate environments.

Recent consulting clients include AmerisourceBergen, the American Automobile Association, Brinker International, Cubic, Equifax, and Cox Automotive. A common thread is the client’s need for strong leadership during a period of change—whether motivated by acquisitions, spin-offs, competitive pressures, or other factors. Clients also benefit from Russell’s expertise in enterprise architecture, agile development, application portfolio rationalization, technology and architecture strategy, as well as business strategy and commercial software product development.

Recognized as a versatile IT executive, adept at solving complex problems with innovative solutions, Russell’s capabilities and achievements span a continuum from business-strategy formation to hands-on IT solution development. His extensive career achievements include pioneering the first use of relational databases in high-volume transaction systems in the ‘80s, applying voice recognition DSPs in public intelligent network services for consumer markets in the ‘90s, and leading large-scale adoptions of open systems, object technology, and middleware frameworks in complex business environments, often in advance of commercially available software products.

Prior to joining Dialexa, Russell served at HP as Enterprise Services Chief Technology Officer for the Americas, leading a global capability for embedded Account CTOs in large enterprises. Russell began his career at Accenture, where he first crafted his consultative problem-solving approach, later honed at A.T. Kearny and the Feld Group. Russell’s deep telecom experience is built upon numerous director and enterprise architect positions at AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Telstra, US West, Pacific Bell, and Sprint, and as V.P. and CIO for WebLink Wireless.

Russell has a BS in Business Administration from Louisiana State University and an MBA from Vanderbilt University. In his spare time, Russell participates in amateur auto racing, and is a driving instructor with the Porsche Club of America.